Social Policy

Improving health for Zlatmash employees, their children and the company’s long-service employees.

Rendering special-event material aid to:

Rendering one-time material aid for the costs of burying the company’s employees, as well as former employees, with an average tenure with the company of no less than 10 years, who retired on a pension from their employment at the plant.

Granting interest-free loans to the company’s employees participating in housing mortgage lending programs and getting their accommodation in the houses built by the PSK-299 Design and Construction Company, in the amount of the first payment, that is, down payment of 10% of the apartment’s cost, by making deductions from the employees’ wages within a period of three years.

Observing Engineering Workers Day as a professional holiday, in accordance with the Company’s Labor Code.
Organizing free New Year children’s matinees, and New Year’s gifts for employees’ kids aged from 1 year to 14 years at 50% of cost.

Rendering one-time material aid in the amount of: