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The Zlatmash Plant Today

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Open Joint Stock Company “Zlatoust Machine Building Plant” (OJSC “Zlatmash”) is included in the structure of the Russian Federal Space Agency, and is one of the leaders in the manufacture of RF Navy strategic missile systems, as well as the largest plant in Chelyabinsk region, in terms of the volumes of the Government’s Defense Order. OJSC “Zlatmash” is engaged in the manufacture of accessory equipment for submarine-launched ballistic missiles R-29RMU2 Sineva (to be carried on nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines, Dolphin Class, Project 667BDRM).

Apart from execution of the state Defense Order, manufacture of non-defense products is also successfully carried out at the plant.

The plant, too, effectively manages multiple tasks in different specialized lines and fields. The company’s scientific and technical potential and human resources form the basis of advancements in these directions for further development. The company has its own source of power supply, and a complex including construction and production facilities, which is among the few local construction organizations with a stable basis for growth and development that are able to retain their place in the construction market.

The company is actively working on reconstruction, the technical upgrading of production facilities, re-equipment and development, and purchase of the up-to-date equipment.
High-precision equipment and highly skilled personnel Zlatmash has at its disposal for implementing processes of any operational complexity give the company every opportunity to establish a high technological potential based on the latest scientific and technical achievements.

The Quality Management System is maintained in compliance with regulations including SRPP VT, GOST RV 15.002-2003, RK-88, RK-98, RK-98KT and OST 134-1028-2001, as applied to weapons and military equipment, and in compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001, with respect to general industrial products.
OJSC “Zlatmash” is a city-forming enterprise, and it contributes much to the economic and cultural development of Zlatoust City District.


Main Parts of OJSC “Zlatmash” Development Program to Attain the Goals Set.

  • In the lines of the company’s current activities, to achieve a 2.5 times increase in sales volumes
  • Achieve a minimum 2 times increase in labor productivity, due to the implementation of modern technologies and process control methods
  • Implement control in the lines and zones of the company’s activity, and organize budget planning and managerial cost accounting work
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of industry specific, territorial and world markets
  • Elaborate ambitious tasks associated with manufacturing and promoting the company’s competitive products, and strengthen the company’s market position
  • Elaborate and carry out a long-term “Zlatmash” development plan for 2013-2025.


Our Mission:

Produce the best samples of products for military purposes and non-defense products, to secure the country’s safety and make the benefits of progress available to citizens.


Our Goals:


Sergey Antonovich Lemeshevsky

General Director of OJSC “Zlatoust Machine Building Plant”.

Born on May 13, 1961 in the town of Rudny of Kustanay region in Kazakhstan. Graduated with honors from the Aircraft Engines Department of the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute in 1984, and arrived, under the direction of the Ministry, to the Zlatoust Engineering Plant. He started his working career at the Machine Assembly Department, and was progressively promoted from Deputy Foreman to Special Production Manager.

In 1993, he was transferred to the position of Deputy Production Director at the Miass Engineering Plant, and subsequently taken on as the Senior Deputy General Director of the FSUE “MMZ” (Miass Engineering Plant).

Grow into one of the best companies in the rocket and space industry

Enter a list of the top ten largest enterprises of Chelyabinsk region

Improve social development partnership and contribute to regional and national development in Russia, while carrying out the company development programs


Meet the highest product quality, occupational safety and health and environmental control standards.

In 1994, he acquired the second level financial higher education at the Senior Management Training Institute of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 1998, he took a training course provided by Cambridge College (the USA), and underwent a study course in 2003 at the Knowledge Exchange International Centre (KEI Centre) in Canada. Since October 2005, he has held the post of General Director of the FSUE “Zlatoust Engineering Plant” (now OJSC “Zlatmash”).